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Date: 08 Jun, 2021

Static Protection in FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

Static electricity is a constant challenge when dealing with bulk bags; especially when loading discharging flammable materials. There is a constant risk of sparks, fire and explosions. A simple yet effective answer to this common problem is anti-static bulk bags. Following are a few useful things about anti-static bulk bags that you should know:

There are two types of anti-static bulk bags

When it comes to static protection, there are two types of bulk bags, namely Type C and Type D bulk bags that offer protection against static electricity. The difference lies in the manner in which these bags protect against static electricity and therefore the different ways in which they can be used.

FIBCs that protect against electrostatic charges

If you want protection against the electro-static charges that can build up quickly with bulk bags, then you must use anti-static bulk bags, more precisely Type C bulk bags. The design of Type C bulk bags features polypropylene woven fabric which is interwoven with conductive yarns that run horizontally or across the bags. The top and bottom seams of these bags feature grounding tabs. When you interconnect conductive fabric and grounding tabs, you get excellent anti-static properties.

Make sure to find out the grounding requirements

Different FIBCs require different kinds of environments to function effectively. Anti-static FIBCs are no exception either. For example, if you are using Type C FIBCs, it is imperative to ascertain that the ground connection is not broken while filling or discharge. Even if the bag is grounded, special attention must be paid to ensure that there is no resistance from the bag towards grounding, especially when transporting flammable powders or when loading or discharging in the presence of flammable gases, vapours or combustible dust.

Protection against incendiary discharge

When handling inflammable materials, all aspects of a fire hazard must be taken care of. Therefore, if you are trying to protect your inflammable materials against brush discharges, incendiary sparks or propagating brush, then you must go for Type D bulk bags. Also known as dissipative bulk bags, Type D FIBCs offer protection against all of these by the use of specialised fabric that dissipates the charge directly into the atmosphere and does not require grounding.

Safety precautions with dissipative bulk bags

Where on the one hand Type D bulk bags make things easier by eliminating the need to keep the bags grounded, they are not infallible themselves. Special attention must be paid to the fact that the surface of these bags is not covered in conductive, flammable or combustible materials. Contamination or coating can hinder the dissipating properties of the bulk bags, making it dangerous to transport flammable materials.

Anti-static bulk bags are gaining popularity across industries because not only do they bring down accidental costs but are essential for the well-being and safety of the ground workers. To learn more about how your particular company can benefit by using anti-static FIBCs, contact us today!



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