Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags
Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags

FIBC Quality Verified

Virgo Polymer India Ltd (VPIL). A totally integrated production house since 1985, with facilities to convert right from Plastic Granules to the Finished product (FIBC). Thereby assuring quality from every angle possible.

Our efforts in Export have been identified by our Government and have given us a 'One Star Export House' Certificate.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, we have ensured that all our bags are ceritifed by Labordata - a globally recognized test house, And also by companies like Cotecna, Indian Institute of Packaging and many more.

Global Supply : 10 countries / 4 continents

Based in Chennai, Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd, a manufacturing plant working in Polypropylene Woven Sack industry for over two decades, cater to the bulk packaging needs of various Industries pan India as well as, tranships to 10 countries in 4 continents across the globe.



Wood Bags

VPIL FIBC big bags allow the wood to be stored for drying then delivered to customers...

Ventilated Bags

It is designed mainly for agricultural products, such as Onion, Garlic, Potato, Carrot...

One Loop FIBC

VPIL Single Loop and Two Loop FIBC are popular in various agricultural packing needs.

Mining Experts

Supplying 25,000 Bags for Garnet, 15,000 for Barite, 5000 Bags for Quartz, 5000 Bags for Feldspar, 5000 Bags for Bentonite month on month in the local market. Making us one of the most important supplier and also giving us the understanding what the mining market is expecting from us.

Of course we are also supplying the Mines world across but we speak about the local market as we Visit and understand and give them the best solutions possible.

Why Virgo

Virgo Uses Only Virgin Polymers for both Domestic and Imported. Mainly from Reliance and HMEL (Domestic), Sabic and Exxon Mobil (imported). Being a distributor of HMEL (Raw Material Supplier) for Southern India help us to have an edge over other manufacturers on availability for the same.

VPIL FIBC Can be customized to meet your needs (Size & Capacity, Filling & Discharging Features, Barrier Properties, Handling Features, etc.)

VPIL FIBC are known to pack powdered, solid and semi solid products (Chemical, Mineral, etc.)