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Virgo Polymer India Ltd (VPIL). An integrated production house since 1985, with facilities to convert right from Plastic Granules to the Finished product FIBC which is Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. Thereby assuring quality from every angle possible.

Consistent Exports of FIBC didn't get unnoticed by even the Govt, and we were credited with one star Export House

Though our FIBC Bags are ceritifed by Labordata - a globally recognized test house, And also by companies like Cotecna, Indian Institute of Packaging and many more., we believe having customers more than decades talk about our quality

Following Systems like Data Centres we have a Setup of 1+1 For Ancillary activties like Air Compressor, Chillers making sure that the Production of FIBC Bags Never gets Impacted

Jumbo Bags Making isn't a process of just testing a single or a dual stage but ensuring consistency in quality in every stage of its process and the prefect bag is stitched and delivered.

About Us
FIBC Global Company

Globally Supplying to 4 continents

Based in Chennai, Virgo Polymers (India) Ltd, a manufacturing plant working in Prouction of FIBC industry for over two decades, catering to the bulk packaging needs of powder and Semi Powder Products across the globe.

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Wood Bags

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Wood bags manufacturers | Virgo Polymer

Ventilated Bags

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Mesh bags | Ventilated bags manufacturers | Virgo Polymer

Corner Loop FIBC

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Worldwide exporter of Corner Loop FIBC Bags | Virgo Polymer
FIBC Bags Mining

Mining Experts

Supplying 5,000 FIBC Bags for Garnet, Bulk Bags for Quartz, Jumbo Bags for Feldspar, FIBC Packing for Bentonite month on month in the local market for each product.

Making us one of the most Prominent FIBC Manufacturerin the mining Industry

We excel not just in mining but even Chemical world with our FIBC Bags with Liners making sure they are moisture proof and food grade.

FIBC Isn't just about making but understanding every little aspect from needle in stitching to additives in its Raw Material to make sure every material from fine powder to sharp Mining objects are packed with equal care.

fibc bags manufacturing
FIBC Bags Mining

Why Virgo

Virgo Uses Virgin Polymers for every FIBC Bags produced irrespective of the recipient. Being a del cadre and a consignment stockist of HMEL (Raw Material Supplier) for Southern India help us to have an edge over other manufacturers on availability for the same.

VPIL FIBC Bags Can be customized to meet your needs in every aspect of its design as we have every kind of stitching machines., Also we work on Assured Delivery with committed Capacity booking making sure we can always deliver these Jumbo bagswithout fail.

VPIL Jumbo Bags are known to pack powdered, solid and semi solid products (Chemical, Mineral, etc.)

Being a Type A Jumbo Bags Manufacturer we have an edge over others of being cost efficient and being quick to deliver



VPIL - The Type A FIBC & UN Bag Manufacturer, Supplying and Exporting FIBC Bags for more than two decades.