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Date: 18 Nov, 2022


For businesses that require storing and transportation of goods, Jumbo Bags are considered an essential item. From the filling of the bag at the initial stage to the discharge as the final step, the process of using jumbo bags requires a lot of precision.

Therefore, one needs to ensure that the top and bottom of the bulk bag is designed appropriately and is well-suited to the product that the bag is being used for.

Although there are several types of bulk bag bottoms to choose from, the most preferred option is the spout bottom, which is attached to the base of the bag as an outlet.

Let us find out about the benefits that an oversized spout bottom provides.

When the spout bottom has a wider structure, or double of the standard size, it is called an oversized spout bottom. The increase in size of the spout bottom makes the discharge process more seamless.

Listed below are the benefits of an Oversized Spout Bottom.

1.Prevents bridging during discharge

Bridging can cause blockage and can affect the discharge operation ultimately leading to slower overall processes. It mainly occurs when the material gets stuck to the sides of the bulk bag clogging the discharge spout. In order to mitigate the risk of clogging and bridging, spout bottoms with a wider dimension are perfect as they will allow faster discharge. It is highly recommended for products with high-moisture content.

2. Higher efficiency

This not only keeps bridging at bay but also allows the extraction of product at a faster discharge rate making the process efficient thereby saving a lot of product handling time. Moreover, these spout bottoms come with a safety valve that also help secure the product to avoid any leakage/wastage.

This simplifying of the discharge process can positively impact the operations when it comes to high-moisture or wet products and that is why oversized spout bottom FIBC is recommended for businesses that involve storage, handling and transportation of such products.



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