Single & Double Loop FIBCs: Are they an economical choice?


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Date: 21 Dec, 2022

Single & Double Loop FIBCs: Are they an economical choice?

Jumbo Bags are usually manufactured in a variety of designs, each of which meet different parameters depending on the industry they cater to. Where chemical products need FIBCs with separate specifications, the same may vary for food-grade or agricultural products. Often businesses or brands have very specific design requirements and the Jumbo Bags are customized as per their needs.

The most common choices among these FIBC varieties are the single and double loop bags. What makes them the most cost-effective choice? Let's find out!

Safe Working Load (SWL) - These bags are robust in nature and offer a wide range of SWL from 500 to 1500 Kgs making them suitable for a plethora of products

The Raw The Material - Jumbo Bags are manufactured using 100% Virgin Polypropylene which makes them recyclable and reusable (depending on the Safety Factor)

Coated/Uncoated - The fabric of the Jumbo Bag can be customized as per the customer's requirement, it comes in both coated and uncoated varieties

Colours - If required, these bags can be designed in a variety of colours that makes their look appealing and distinctive

Versatility - These bags can be customized with additional features to match the parameters of different product types. They can be used for construction products, food-grade products, hazardous chemicals, agricultural products and more.

Strength - Since these bags are designed with a tubular body fabric, they don't need any additional loops. These bags come with higher tensile strength that makes them all the more economical.

Lining - Single & double loop Jumbo Bags usually come with pre-inserted PE liners which helps prevents moisture build-up and keeps the products safe from external dust

Safety Factor - If demanded by the customer, these bags can be made reusable with a higher Safety Factor ratio. The Single & Double Loop FIBCs have the advantage of being customizable for single-use or multi-use

Easy Lifting - Unlike standard 4-loop bags which need to be lifted using a forklift, 1 & 2-loop FIBCs can be lifted using a hook, or fork or similar equipment and saves the cost of employing a forklift for transporting the Jumbo Bag.



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