Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags
Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags
Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags
Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags
Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags

FIBC Big Bags

FIBC brings the most cost effective packaging solution in the form of FIBC Big Bags. These highly economical bags are made from polypropylene fabric that makes them highly durable packaging, transportation and storage solution for bulk goods. Thus, it is a guarantee from Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL) that there cannot be any packaging product more economical, sturdy and suitable for transportation and storage of merchandize than these.

The best thing about FIBC Big Bags offered by Virgo Polymer that makes them stand apart is that they are offered in wide range of varieties to fit specific customer specifications. While polypropylene has been kept as the basic fabric of these bags, experimentations have been made in their weave in order to make these Big Bags aesthetically astounding. Thus, customers can get both flat woven and circular woven Big Bags in coated (laminated) as well as uncoated varieties as per their requirement.

Virgo Polymer has even more customised solutions for customers in this category in the form of simple Big bags with top open and flat bottom varieties as well as bags with tailor made attachments such as Skirt, Spout or Flap with tailored top, bottom and opening features. Besides functional excellence and aesthetic brilliance of these Big Bags, Virgo Polymer Pvt. Ltd. also guarantees that this innovatory product can pass all sorts of quality tests successfully.

Baffle Bags / Q FIBC

VPIL Baffle Bags or Q-Bag (known as Quad Bag too) is a revolutionary product in FIBC (Jumbo Bags, Big Bags, Bulk Sacks) Industry. The major USP of this bag is that it is functionally as well as aesthetically excellent. It provides the most cost effective solution to bulk packaging. The user friendly design of baffle bag also provides users utmost convenience during process of transportation and storage of bulk materials. In addition, the construction of the bag helps in enhancing the quality of bulk packaging which in turn helps in secured stacking of the materials as a result. Aesthetically, the firm construction of Baffle Bag helps it in remaining in square shape even after packing goods, which adds to the visual appeal of packages.

They are normally priced between 4$ to 7$

Types of Internal Baffle in VPIL Baffle Bags

  • Fabric Based Baffles
  • Net Based Baffle Bags

Flash Points on Competitve Edges of Baffle Bags

  • Economical Solution to Packaging
  • Prevent Side Bulging of packages
  • Convenient transportation and storage
  • Provides stability to packaging, enabling safer stacking
  • Impressive Aesthetic Appeal

Corner Loop Bags

Corner Loop FIBC bags happen to be the most widely chosen solution when it comes to the selection of bulk packaging baggage. Thus, Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL) has created a special identity in FIBC industry with the production of this unique packaging bag that guarantees better stability and improved stacking option for bulk goods.

In order to make packaging solution attuned to customer requirements, Virgo Polymers has worked dedicatedly for improvising Corner Loop bags further. Hence, the company has come up with innovative designs in these Corner Loop FIBC bags in the form of U+2 Design or U-Panel Jumbo Bags and U-Panel Bags or 5 Panel constructions so that customers can get packaging solutions that are precisely tailored as per their needs.

The driving factors that add to the competitive edge of the Corner Loop Bag are its tenacity and good load distribution mechanism. These have been made possible by Virgo Polymers by means of specialized construction that feature four corner loops in four corners of the bag. These loops have been affixed with the main body of the bag with either over lock stitch, or chain stitch or combination of both as per the requirement. The firmness rendered by the long seams at the edges of the bag also contributes towards its competitive advantage.

They are normally priced between 4$ to 7$

Cross Corner Loop Bags

Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL) brings an innovative packaging solution for fine materials in the form of Cross Corner FIBC. These bulk packing bags are specially designed in order to offer dust proof packaging solution. Yet another attribute of these bags that add to their competitive advantage is the sturdiness that they offer to packages by virtue of their circular women tubular fabric. It can be rest assured that these Cross Corner FIBC bags are the ultimate choice for packing and transporting fine materials.

It needs mentioning that Virgo Polymers has worked painstakingly in order to produce a packaging solution that can assure safety and security to materials kept inside it. Thus, to make this project come true, VPIL has given preliminary focus on the weave and fabric selection of these Cross Corner bags. So, circular woven tubular fabric has been exclusively chosen for its strength. Moreover, the bags do not have any side seam. The intention behind this specific construction is to make it certain that the bags can withstand drop test and high vertical pressure.

The next area of focus had been the construction of these bags. Virgo Polymers has ensured that these bags would have loops that would go across the corners. These loops have further been stitched to the body of the bags with lock stitch. Special consideration has been given towards the selection of the fabric in the loop stitching area as well. Thus, double wrap tapes with inter-woven reinforcements have been chosen for the purpose. Through this, Virgo Polymer has made it certain that the bags would have enough strength in the lifting region and would be immune against accidental tearing.

Equal attention has been given to the belts of these Cross Corner bags. They have been made stiff so that they can stand erect over these bags. This mechanism ensures that the fork lift driver can conveniently enter the tines through these loops and lift the bag without the need of any additional help.

They are normally priced between 4$ to 7$

Tunnel Lift Bags

When it comes to selection of packaging bags for the building and construction industry, Tunnel Lift FIBC bag happens to be the numero uno choice. However, the functional excellence of these bags has generated an equally appreciable demand for them in other industries as well. Thus, it can be concluded without a second thought that these Tunnel Lift FIBC bags are hot selling item of Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL).

Virgo Polymers passes through a number of quality checking procedures in order to ensure that these Tunnel Lift bags fulfill the packaging requirements of its customers. So, special attention is given on the constructional details of these bags. Hence, besides the basic side tunnels, an additional layer of two side tunnels on two sides are incorporated so that they remain sturdy during the processes of filling, stacking and transporting of goods. Secondly, the width of these bags is made in such a manner that they easily allow fork-lift tines to pass through, thereby making process such as lifting of bags, and filling and discharging goods when required much convenient.

An appreciable attribute of these Tunnel lift FIBCs is that filled bags can be shipped on pallets. This feature makes them weather-proof simultaneous with helping in economizing on the cost of pallets.

They are normally priced between 4$ to 7$

Wood Bags

There are certain specialized goods that need to get adequately air dried before they are delivered to the customers. Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL) ideally complements this need by means of a breakthrough product - Wood Bags / FIBC bags.

The best thing about these bags is that once goods are stacked inside them they automatically get air dried by the time they reach the end users. So, there is absolutely no need of repackaging goods at any point of time and no additional cost involvement in repacking as well. It has to be admitted that this immensely beneficial aspect of Wood Bags / FIBC bag adds to its competitive advantage.

The credit of this special attribute goes to the specialised construction and material selection of the bags. Thus, polypropylene forms the base material for its sturdiness and ease of maintenance. In case of construction, Virgo Polymers has specifically ensured that net is used for the panel on two sides of the bags. In the other two sides, scientific and well researched ventilated construction has been made in the form of 26 stripes of alternating solid and ventilated patches.

While the square shape of these bags adds to their storage capacity, the loops provided at the bottom of the miraculous packaging baggage make it easier to empty them after reaching the destination.

They are normally priced between 4$ to 7$

Ventilated Bags

Perishable items need proper ventilation in order to stay fresh for hours. Thus, during storage and transportation of bulk quantities of perishable goods, special attention should be given towards the packaging material of the baggage in order to avoid massive damage of goods. This need has been clearly understood by Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL), the outcome of which is the ventilated bag.

Virgo Polymers has paid special attention towards the process of fabric selection of these bags in order to ensure that there is enough breathability inside these perishable item packaging bags. Therefore, while polypropylene has been chosen for its durability and cost effectiveness, woven, mesh as well as a combination of both has been selected as constructional feature of Ventilated bags. Here it needs mentioning that these specific types of construction allow easy circulation of air through the baggage material. As a result, the goods kept inside remain fresh.

Another essential aspect of the construction of these bags that add to their aesthetics as well is the alternate layers of solid and loose patches that run throughout the length of the bag. This feature makes the bags even more ventilated as compared to what run of the mill manufacturers sell in the name of ventilated bags. Thus, Virgo Polymers takes pride in declaring that many customers from the agricultural industry consider these bags indispensible for storing, stacking and transporting readily consumable products such as vegetables and fruits.

They are normally priced between 4$ to 7$

Single and Double Loop FIBC

Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL) now brings an even cost effective alternative to the traditional 4 Loop FIBC bag in the form of Single Loop and Two Loop FIBC bags. Besides being an economical alternative, these bags also serve as the best packaging solution for granular and powdered bulk material. Thus, the bags are popularly in demand in the agricultural industry. An equally appreciable feature of this category of bags is that they offer the convenience of handling up to 6 Sacks at a time by a forklift or a crane! In comparison to it, only 1 sack of 4 Loop FIBC can be handled by a crane or a forklift at a time.

A noteworthy feature of VPIL Single Loop and Two Loop FIBC bags that attracts attention is their visual appeal. The first thing about these bags which attracts attention is the fabric itself which has a smooth texture and milky white colour. Yet another component that adds to the aesthetic appeal of these bags is the contour. While the body fabric is given a unique cut all throughout, the top is crumbled, stitched and worked up into a loop. These loops are further tightened together to make the goods inside the bags secured and then different coloured bands are stitched onto them for easy identification. The unique construction of these bags make to easier to stack them at several levels as per positions such as handling requirement, storage and conditions of transportation.

They are normally priced between 4$ to 7$

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