Jumbo Bags

Types of FIBC Normally Used

FIBC brings the most cost effective packaging solution in the form of FIBC Big Bags. These highly economical bags are made from polypropylene fabric that makes them highly durable packaging, transportation and storage solution for bulk goods. Thus, it is a guarantee from Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL) that there cannot be any packaging product more economical, sturdy and suitable for transportation and storage of merchandize than these.

The best thing about FIBC Big Bags offered by Virgo Polymer that makes them stand apart is that they are offered in wide range of varieties to fit specific customer specifications. While polypropylene has been kept as the basic fabric of these bags, experimentations have been made in their weave in order to make these Big Bags aesthetically astounding. Thus, customers can get both flat woven and circular woven Big Bags in coated (laminated) as well as uncoated varieties as per their requirement.

Virgo Polymer has even more customised solutions for customers in this category in the form of simple Big bags with top open and flat bottom varieties as well as bags with tailor made attachments such as Skirt, Spout or Flap with tailored top, bottom and opening features. Besides functional excellence and aesthetic brilliance of these Big Bags, Virgo Polymer Pvt. Ltd. also guarantees that this innovatory product can pass all sorts of quality tests successfully.

They are normally priced between 4$to 7$

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