How does selecting the right kind of Bulk Bag impact your business?


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Date: 19 Aug, 2021

Selecting the right kind of FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

FIBC bags or Bulk Bags are considered the perfect solution for packing and transporting bulky contents. Since their base material is polypropylene and other sturdy natural materials, they are immensely capacious. Their durability and resilience also remain unmatched.

But even after having all these positive points, you might not get the desired efficiency from an FIBC bag that you have picked up recently.

Say, for instance, your core business activity is the transportation of radioactive materials, and the FIBC bag that you have chosen for your business needs generates static electricity.

Situations like these indicate that you have to take care of certain important parameters for selecting the right kind of FIBC or Bulk Bags that perfectly complement your business needs.

Therefore, here are some pointers that you must consider for selecting FIBC bags that would have a positive impact on your business.

• Scrutinize the manufacturing infrastructure

It is highly recommended that you gather adequate information regarding the manufacturing process before you place an order with an FIBC bag manufacturer.

This is an important parameter because a well-equipped manufacturing infrastructure can ensure that you will get FIBC or Bulk Bags that are perfect for your business needs. Secondly, a big manufacturing unit will also have a big warehouse. This will ensure that they will never run out of stock and you will have a consistent and smooth supply of Bulk Bags all the time.

• Prioritize on the product portfolio

A Bulk Bag manufacturer with a comprehensive product portfolio is the next important parameter that you must take into consideration.

As you know, Bulk Bags come in four different varieties to suit different business needs. While the Type A variety is non-static in nature, Type C is perfect for electrically conductive materials. Similarly, Type B and D have their respective distinctive features.

So, a comprehensive portfolio means, the manufacturer will have the capacity to manufacture different varieties of FIBC bags that are perfect for different business needs.

As you can never predict your future business requirements, collaborating with such a manufacturer will ensure that you will have the right kind of FIBC bag every time a new requirement arises. Eventually, your business processes will run smoothly.

• Understand the quality control procedure

As you know, Bulk Bags are known for their resilience. But the quality control processes at the manufacturing unit determines this to a large extent.

If the Bulk bag manufacturer lacks a rigorous quality check infrastructure and does not maintain the quality during the production of these bags, they will never give the expected performance.

For your further information, low quality Bulk Bags are susceptible to failure in harsh industrial conditions and aggressive physical conditions. This will have negative aftermath on your business and lead to additional overhead costs because you will have to make parallel arrangements immediately so that your business processes do not get hampered.

So, you must prioritize the safety ensured by these FIBC bags and get detailed information on the quality check and maintenance procedures at the manufacturing unit you have selected before placing an order.



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