Avoiding Pest Infestation In Your Bulk Bag


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Date: 10 Oct, 2022

Avoiding Pest Infestation In Your Bulk Bag

FIBC or bulk bags have become very popular in the recent past and are vastly used across industries. One of the main obstacles that arise in the application of bulk bags is pest infestation, and this especially concerns agro or food-grade products. Once hampered by any kind of infestation, these bags and the products within could get severely damage causing a huge loss to the concerned business.

Here are some expert-tips to prevent insect infestation

• We strongly recommend storing the filled bulk bags in a cool and dry place since the temperature condition is one of the biggest factor when it comes to repelling insects.

• It’s best to store the bulk bags, after they are filled, inside a storage unit instead of outdoors. Avoid exposing the bags to insects to prevent it from infestation.

• It’s best to hire a pest control service to decontaminate the storage facility before moving your bags into the unit. This will help keep pests away keeping your material absolutely safe.

• If your bulk bags are not available with tie and seal features, make sure to customize them as per requirement. This is especially recommended if you are planning on storing the bags in the facility for a longer duration.

Proper stacking of bulk bags is highly recommended. This helps prevent any kind of toppling or spilling over which further prevents the materials from being damaged by pest infestation.

FIBC Liner bags are a great choice for products that can be prone to insect infestation. This type of bulk bags can be sealed off once filled protecting the product within.

• Using chemical additives can also be considered if the products are at risk of contamination. Usually, the process is to add the chemical additive into the polypropylene while the bag is being manufactured. In this case, you need to inform your bulk bag manufacturer/distributor in advance so they can customize it to your needs.



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