Most Common FIBC Big Bags FAQ

What is an FIBC?

An Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC), Big Bag, Bulk Bag or Super sack is a large bag made out of woven polypropylene used for storage and transportation of Dry Products.

FIBC Can hold anything between 250 to 2000 Kgs of material and can be easily operated with the help of a Forklift

How do we select shape / size the FIBC Bag for our product?

Physical and Chemical properties such as Bulk Density, Flow Characteristics, Compatibility of the material with Polypropylene, Fill Temperature, Particle Size and Shape, Etc.

Methods used for filling, handling, transporting, storing and emptying of FIBC Bags,Number of Trips for each FIBC, and Environmental conditions likely to be encountered.

Are FIBC Safe for my Product?

While Selecting and FIBC, One needs to consider the SWL (Safe Working Load) and SF (Safety Factor) for his packing needs. SWL is the quantum of weight that the bag is tested and related to hold safely. SF is the number of times the Quantum of the FIBC SWL. For Eg: SF 5:1 means the FIBC can hold 5 Times the SWL under normal conditions. SWL is based on the quantum of product you plan to pack in a bag, and SF helps in deciding the number of times the bag can be used.

What are different type of FIBC Available?

FIBC is generally classified by their construction. The most common constructions are:
Cross Corner FIBC (Circular or Tubular)
4 Panel FIBC Bulk Bags
U Panel FIBC Bulk Bags
Single Loop and Two Loop FIBC Bags

How do i fill, Discharge and store and FIBC?

FIBC Bags Can be designed to meet your filling and discharging method.

Generally, if the material is filled manually or from a conveyor, an open top or a skirt top is preferred. If the material is directly filled from a chute, a spout is suggested.

While Discharging, the construction of the bottom is to be decided based on the flow characteristics of the material. By having a spout at the bottom the flow of the material can be controlled.

Empty FIBC should be stored in a manner that accidental damage, exposure to sunlight, extreme climatic conditions and harmful substance are avoided. Top Closures of filled FIBC should be closed properly before storage. Except for FIBCs which have been specially designed for outdoor storage, all FIBC stored outdoor should be sheeted over to prevent water collection on top of FIBC and to avoid any contamination of Material.



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