FIBC Construction: The different types and how it impacts their application


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Date: 28 Feb, 2022

Different Types and Application of FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

As FIBC users, most of us are aware about the different types of FIBCs and how they can be used. We are now going to focus on the ways FIBCs are constructed and how the construction alone can affect the applications of bulk bags including the kind of impact they have on the products being stored and transported.

How are some specific construction types more advantageous than the others? And what are the different ways FIBC bags are constructed? Below are a few pointers that will help you understand the types and the related applications.

The Different Types of Construction

These bulk bags are constructed using 3 body panels which are also called U+2 that signify the single material that is stitched together with the 2 side panels. In this type of construction, one material forms the full length of the bag creating 2 sides and two additional pieces are used to create two more sides.

One tubular piece of fabric is used to construct all sides of the bag. The stitching is done only to attach the top and bottom. Even though they are called circular bags owing to the type of construction, they resemble the standard FIBCs and have a square shape.

In this type of construction, 4 different pieces of fabric are put together to create the four sides of the bag giving it a square shape. Owing to the shape of this type of bag, 4-panel bags are considered more beneficial for certain applications over the other types of bulk bags.

How Does Construction Type Impact the Application
It is important to know the construction type of the FIBC since every type of construction holds certain advantages over the others as far as the products and applications are concerned.

Shape and Hold
- 4-Panel bags are best known for their square shape, and when it comes to the accuracy of the shape, U-Panel is a close second

- Shape impacts the stacking process since square shaped bulk bags can be stored more effectively

- These are also the preferred construction type if a truck-based transportation is being used since it requires tight stacking

Strength and Safe Working Load (SWL)

- U-Panel bags are known to have the best SWL and rank highest when it comes to safely carrying heavy weight

- When it comes to other construction types, they can have higher SWL, but it depends on other factors like the fabric used, whether the bag is a lift loop design and what sewing patterns have been used



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