What are the industrial applications of Bulk Bags?


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Date: 01 Jun, 2022

Industrial Application of FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

Bulk Bags have proven beneficial to a number of industries and are considered especially great for the storage, handling, and transportation of dry cargo that includes materials like ash, sand, or even food-grade products like flour. The advantages of bulk bags are many, which is why they are always a preferred choice for businesses. Some of the benefits that bulk bags provide are as follows:

- Can be easily lifted using machines
- Easy to fold, stack and store
- Some bulk bags also come with safety features for reducing antistatic shocks
- Safe to use for workers and handlers
- Great package-to-product weight ratio

Owing to their aforementioned qualities, bulk bags cater to a wide range of industries. Now let’s take a look at how these characteristics of FIBCs benefit different industries.

High-quality seams, linings, and inlet/outlet spouts

Different industries have varying product grades. When it comes to chemical, agricultural and mining industries, a lot of their products are in powdered form. The biggest risk during the transportation of such products is leakage or the products being blown away. Some bulk bags come with sift-proof seams, which are liners that provide an extra layer of protection with a coating on the inner surface of the bulk bag. Another feature of FIBCs that proves extremely helpful for storing such products is closable spout that ensures that the finest of materials are securely contained within the bag.

Now chemical products can also be hazardous. To avoid any risk of hazard, chemical businesses often opt for bulk bags that come with the feature of reducing the possibility of static shocks. FIBCs of B to D range are known to offer such kind of protection.

Antistatic Protection

Some dangerous products like petroleum are prone to building up static charges. These can expose the workers and handlers to serious risk of hazards. This is where FIBCs from the B to D range come in handy. Type-B bags, although not antistatic, can safely store and transport inflammable products. Type-C and Type-D bags on the other hand are categorically designed with the antistatic protection feature.

Qualified for Food-Grade

One must note that not all bulk bags are of FDA food-grade quality. Since bulk bags come with customizable features and are often tailor-made to suit the business’s needs, they don’t come with standardized features. However, some bulk bags qualify for food-grade products and come with that particular quality.

The food-grade bulk bags ensure that the products remain free of any kind of chemical contamination and retain their original freshness, taste, and quality, up until the material is delivered to its final destination.

Strictly Maintained Standards

When it comes to pharmaceutical industries and chemical companies, it is absolutely essential that strict standards are adhered to. This includes materials like pharmaceutical chemicals, industrial chemicals, toxic products, paints, colour additives, etc. Why Bulk Bags offer a safe storage environment for such products is because they are sturdy and can come with customized extra layers of protection, all to ensure that such chemicals don’t cause any hazardous reaction and that both the product and the people handling the product are safe from any mishaps.



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