How does Bulk Density help you choose the right Jumbo Bag?


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Date: 02 Dec, 2022

How does Bulk Density help you choose the right Jumbo Bag?

Bulk density can be defined as the mass per unit volume of powders or grains in a bulk state. We use bulk density to determine how much of a substance or particles can be safely stored in a defined amount of space (like an FIBC bag). Therefore, product density influences how you choose your FIBC bags, the type of discharge options you implement, the overall size of the bags etc.

Determining Bulk Density

Finding suitable Jumbo Bags to store your product safely is not always easy. You need to check critical parameters like construction type and SWL (safe working load) to make sure the FIBC suits your choice of dimensions and can also handle the weight of your specific product.

Some strategies to follow to avoid bulk density issues while choosing FIBC bags are as mentioned below:

Multiply the bag volume in m3 with the material density in Kg/m3 to get the weight of material (in kg) that can be packed in an FIBC Bag. This will help you arrive at the right bag size for the specific application for which the FIBC bag is to be used.

Choosing bulk bags with coatings and liners to prevent moisture or contamination - Bulk density can be affected due to exposure to moisture during storage or transportation. FIBC bags designed with poly liners can help reduce this risk.

Opt for coatings or liners that can help prevent moisture or contamination.

As mentioned above, your product's bulk density might not be stable in humid or wet conditions. Bulk bags designed with poly liners can help reduce this risk. These liners can work with spout top or duffle-top bags and can even be attached to the bag to ensure that the liner itself does not discharge.

Feel free to go a little overboard with bag strength

When you are customizing your bulk bags, you can select a Safety Factor (SF) that will make you 100% sure your bag will not be compromised-no matter how dense your product is. This choice will cover you in the event that you miscalculate bulk density or tweak your product formula.

Ensure that you have a good option for appropriate discharge

When it comes time to emptying the bulk bag, there needs to be an easy way to do so. At the very least, you need to make sure that you have an option for removing the product from the bag quickly in severe cases (e.g., full open dump bottom methods).



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