What FIBC Bag Design Fits Your Food Business Perfectly?


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Date: 01 Apr, 2022

FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags Fits your Business perfectly

When it comes to food businesses, poor packaging can lead to huge losses. If not packed well, in a suitable container, there are many issues that might arise including material spillage, and contamination.

What is the one-stop solution to protect your food cargo from any damage? The answer is FIBC.

Bulk Bags are always the preferred choice when it comes to storage, transport, and handling of food-grade products. However, one has to take into consideration that there are regulations in place for the quality of packaging that ensures that the product is safe for consumption.

Now what are the features of FIBCs that you must consider before customizing it for your food business? Read below to learn more.

The Construction Of The Bag

Depending on the product categories, the type of FIBC also varies. There are multiple bag designs available when it comes to bulk bags. Some of them are U-Panel, 4-Panel, Circular, and Single/Two Loop. Since food products come in varying textures and consistencies, it is essential to carefully select a bulk bag that satisfies the handling needs of the product. Materials like fine powders, or products that require protection from moisture and dampness might also require an additional liner of lamination.

The Inlet & Outlet

It is important to take into consideration the input and discharge mechanisms of the bag for seamless handling of the product. While some materials need a conical top, some require a spout. In some cases, a more suited inlet might be a duffle top for easy loading of the product. As far as discharge is concerned, there are several kinds of outlet designs available in FIBCs like swan neck spout, pajama spout and petal spout. Consult with your manufacturer to get the best recommendation about the outlet design that will be perfect for your product.

Other Features

Depending on the food product variety, here are some additional design features that food businesses must take note of before finalizing the FIBC design.

1. Whether the bags should have additional breathability
2. Whether a protective barrier/ lamination is required
3. If the bags need protection liners
4. Whether the seams of the bags need to be turned inside out
5. Whether the products need nitrogen flush packaging

The design features mentioned above are all dependent on the material being stored and transported. The food product that is being handled will determine the inclusion of these features.

It is strongly recommended that you as the user, consult with the manufacturer to find out the best-suited design for your bulk bag that will provide adequate protection to your product and prevent any damage during the storage, handling and transportation processes.



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