How to find out if your FIBC supplier maintains premium quality standards?


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Date: 17 Jan, 2022

Maintaining Standards in Making FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

It is of paramount importance for any FIBC manufacturer or supplier to maintain certain quality standards in order to ensure customer satisfaction. The quality is not just restricted to the bag but also the packaging when the same is supplied to the consumer.

But how can you make sure that all quality standards are being followed? It is important that as the user, you inspect the quality control measures undertaken at the manufacturer’s facility.

Following are some of the pointers that will help you learn about the whys and hows of FIBC quality control.

Batch Number

Just like any other product, Batch Number is significant when it comes to FIBCs also. A batch number provides information about the location where the bag was manufactured along with helping you track the quality of the product and usage safety. If you find out that a certain batch number happens to have multiple non-conformities, you can easily recall the entire lot with reference to the same. Always check that your supplier uses the correct batch numbers when it comes to product categorization.

Hygiene Standards

This is an extremely important quality maintenance aspect for food-grade products. Gain prior information about the cleanliness and hygiene standards of the facility where the bags are produced to avoid any risk of product contamination.


The Safe Working Load (SWL) and the Safety Factor (SF) are important parameters when it comes to handling bulk bags. These must be checked before the bulk bags are put to use to avoid any fatal accidents at the site of handling and transport. The use and reuse of FIBCs should be determined based on these two factors.

Customization as per Requirement

In case of customised bulk bags, it is important that you prepare a checklist of all specifications provided to the manufacturer which can be corresponded to the bulk bags once supplied. Ensure that the FIBCs match all parameters mentioned by you including, size and other structural features.

If these quality standards are not maintained, the bags may not prove suitable for your products which can result in product spoilage and also handling accidents. Avoid any such risk by checking each and every parameter, and ensuring you are using only premium quality bulk bags.



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