Why are 4-Loop FIBCs a Preferred Choice for the Construction Industry?


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Date: 16 Jun, 2022

Why are 4-Loop FIBC | Big Bags the Best Choice for Builders?

The storing and transporting of construction materials need heavy duty bags. These bags must be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the construction materials. 4-loop FIBC bags are considered the most ideal products that meet these specific needs of the construction industry aptly.

Here are the specific reasons why these bags are the number one choice for this industry.

Unmatched durability

The first reason why 4-loop FIBC bags are in demand in the construction industry is their durability.

These bags are made from heavy duty yarns that do not break easily. Instead, they have immense weight bearing capacity. These bags even have the capacity to perform brilliantly even when 2000 kilos of construction materials are loaded inside them.

Easy to lift

Where lifting fully loaded bags is very difficult, these 4-loop bulk bags have an advantageous position. Since the construction materials are quite bulky, using any ordinary bag can be problematic especially during the lifting process.

But these bags are very sturdy and stable and do not spill even when they are brimful. These features make it very easy to lift these bags even when they are fully loaded.

Easy to empty

Another noteworthy feature of bulk bags is that they can be emptied very easily. There is no need for additional manpower for emptying these bags.

The reason behind this is their sturdy shape. They have inbuilt stabilizers that help in retaining their shape. Since they do not deform after they are filled, the materials can be poured out of these 4-loop bulk bags effortlessly.

Environment friendly

In an age of growing concern about environmental pollution, these 4-loop FIBC bags serve as a great solution.

These bags are made from biodegradable materials that get easily decomposed into the soil when they are disposed off. Non-renewable materials are also not used during the manufacturing of these bags.

All these features make these bags the right choice for packing, storing and transporting construction materials.



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