FIBC Jumbo bags - All You Need to Know


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Date: 23 Feb, 2023

FIBC Jumbo bags - All You Need to Know

What are Jumbo bags?

FIBC bags are also known as jumbo bags or bulk bags. These bags are exclusively used for transporting heavy and bulky materials from one place to another. They have been proven to be the ideal solution for transporting and storing dry flowering materials under ideal conditions. These bags have managed to bag their position in a variety of industries such as agriculture, fertilizers, etc.

VIRGO POLYMERS specializes in the manufacture of jumbo bags in Tamil Nadu, India. Virgo polymers are not known for their extensive manufacture of bulk bags but also have been popular for being cost-efficient manufacturers of bags as well as providing quick door-to-door service all across India.

Applications of Jumbo Bags

As mentioned earlier, jumbo bags have a huge number of applications in various industries. Some of the applications of jumbo bags in industries are as follows:



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