1 LOOP FIBC bags - A Great Choice!


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Date: 24 Feb, 2023

1 LOOP FIBC bags - A Great Choice!

What are 1 Loop Bags?

The FIBC loop bags are built up by using tubular fabrics, circular in shape. These fabrics are then extended to make them into loops as required by the manufacturer. The loops are advantageous as they aid in giving the bags the strength to carry things and also in additional subtract the requirement of extra loops by the bags. The loop bags are lined with inner liners so as to provide protection to the products they contain from external factors. The loop bags usually find their market in the agricultural sector but sometimes these are even used to store materials such as minerals and powders.

Advantages of Using Loop Bags!

The inner liner used in the loop bags help to maintain the dryness of the products they contain, In addition colored sleeves can be used to cover these bags which do the job of separating the products of one bag from the products of another bag making them easy to be identified. Theses bags have huge capacity of containing things, their safe working load is 400 kg- 3000 kg and their safety factor is 5:1 or 6:1. The loop bags have been tested to be suitable with testing requirements of the UN and European dangerous good requirement. The 1 loop bags have proved to be more economical and more efficient to be used as compared to the traditional 4 loop bags. Theses bags have gained extra bonus for being cost effective and also being able to hold more product as compared to the other bags.

Industrial Uses of Loop Bags

The 1 loop bags have found their home mainly in agricultural sections and also partly in cement industries. The weight- cost ratio is the major factor for its popularity.



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