Unclogging an FIBC: Tips & Tricks


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Date: 22 Jan, 2022

Unclogging FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

Spout bottom bulk bags are widely preferred because they offer an extensive range of applications and controllable discharge of products. However, because of the way they are designed, there are often chances of clogging.

The problem of clogging is also commonly called bridging and it occurs because of the material sticking itself and builds up around the spout during the discharge process. This is a common occurrence when it comes to products with high moisture content or organic and agricultural goods.

Bridging affects business operations since it delays the process of discharging the product and can also cause safety hazards to workers during handling processes. It is therefore essential to understand the best ways to unclog a bulk bag.

Below are a few steps one must take to avoid clogging during discharge.

1. Use an object to push the spout bottom while attempting discharge. Objects like a broom handle or a pole might come handy in freeing the materials.

2. To loosen up the materials, massage the area around the spout. You can use an object or can do it with your hands. But ensure that during the discharge process, no worker is standing beneath the bag's spout as it can cause severe damage.

3. If all else fails, cut the area around the spout. Only use this method as a last option since this makes the bulk bag unfit for reuse. While applying this method, be very careful with the sharp object being used to cut the bag. Also, make the cutting minimal to avoid product wastage.

Apart from the aforementioned steps and safety precautions, bridging can also be avoided with the below mentioned steps.

Oversized Spout Bottom:

These oversized spout bottom bulk bags have a larger spout upto 28 inch in diameter. The enlarged opening ensures a faster discharge rate and prevents clogging.

Vented FIBCs:

This is a highly recommended bulk bag type for moisture-filled material. The vents on the bag help in keeping the product dry resulting in an easier discharge process. The more dry the products, lesser are the chances of the material sticking to the spout bottom.



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