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Date: 11 May, 2021

Innovations in FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

The FIBC industry has been around for decades, and like any other prosperous industry, it goes through constant cycles of change and evolution to better meet the demands of the end-users. The constantly changing demands of the industry today have led to exciting innovations and changes within the FIBC industry, and manufacturers and suppliers are optimistic about the future of the industry and how we approach FIBCs. Following is a list of some of the most promising innovations that we all must be excited about!

Flame Retardant Bags

These innovative bulk bags achieve fire retardant qualities through their unique built. During the manufacturing process, a predefined set of chemicals is added to the resin in order to give the bags fire-retardant properties. The process of halogenation or adding one or more halogens to the chemical mix when making the bags to make them fire-retardant.

The most commonly used halogens are fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine, and astatine. This allows the bags to actively interfere with the spread of fire, should there be an incident, making them extremely desirable. Fire-retardant bags are also available in the non-halogenated category. These bags are much safer in the time of fire since halogenated bags always carry the risk of releasing toxic gases if they catch on fire.

Tamper-proof and Security Bags

Keeping the integrity of the contents during transit is a crucial aspect of FIBCs and advancements are being made to ensure safety. One such step is being taken with tamper-proof or security bags. These are special kinds of bags that come with added features that show signs if the bags have been tampered with. These bags ascertain authenticity through specialized patterning on the weave of the bag which cannot be reconstructed once it has been tampered with. It can also come in the form of continuous stitches that run along the length of the bag and cannot be repaired once broken. Security eyelets and double-walled spouts are also sometimes used when making these bags.

UV-Resistant Bags

Certain materials require strict barriers to be imposed between them and the surrounding environment, where they can come in contact with ultra-violet radiations since it can cause the materials to be contaminated or worse, completely spoiled. UV-resistant bags achieve their resisting qualities by adding specialised polymers to the resin of the bag during the manufacturing process. This quality is highly desirable when the bags need to be stored or transported in open environments where they can come in direct contact with UV radiations.

Pharmaceutical Bags

These bags are designed keeping the pharma industry in mind. Since the medicines and medical equipment being stored and transported in these bags must be kept sanitised at all times, these bags are made with 100% virgin resins to do away with any chance of contamination. Since contamination can also happen during the manufacturing process, the virgin resin is kept away from all other materials to achieve highly safe and secure bags that are fit not only for the pharmaceutical industry but also for the food industry.

Apart from these, there are several small-scale and major innovations that are making their way into the industry, keeping the market afloat with possibilities! At Virgo Polymer, innovation plays a key role in our ever-evolving range of products and constant pursuit of improvements in product quality. Talk to us today to see how our solutions can benefit your business!



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