The Most Preferred Types of Jumbo Bags


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Date: 29 Dec, 2022

The Most Preferred Types of Jumbo Bags

Jumbo Bags are used for multiple purposes from storage to transportation and are used across an array of industries, be it chemical, agricultural, and even food-grade. Although there are several types of FIBCs available in the market there are a few preferred choices which are selected based on their design features and their cost-effectiveness.

Let's take a look at the most preferred varieties of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers.


Standard Bags can be further categorized into various types as listed below:

These types of Jumbo Bags come with different top and bottom attachments as required and can be used to carry weight up to 2000 Kgs. These bags can be designed with a higher Safety Factor to make them fit for reuse. Standard Jumbo Bags can be customized as needed and can be designed using both coated and uncoated fabric to ensure the storage and transportation is optimized.


Baffle Bags are basically designed with an internal design element applied to the below types of Jumbo Bags:

The polypropylene used to design the bag is stitched around the four corners allowing extra storage space inside the Jumbo Bag. When there are no baffles used, Jumbo Bags tend to bulge out on the corners leading to difficulty in storing the bags and also sometimes the loss of materials. Therefore when it comes to optimized storage and transporting of materials, Baffle Bags are a go-to choice.


These loops can be provided as per the client requirement. They are considered perfect for packaging, and the fabric used to manufacture the bag is extended to create the loops with a liner sewn inside to ensure that the products/materials are not hampered by any external factor.


Instead of 1 or 2, these bags are designed to have four loops that make them easier to lift and transport. Categorically designed for heavy weight materials, these are ideal for the construction industry as Builder Bags. However, these can also be used as Corner and Cross Corner Bags for food-grade and agricultural products. These can be customized with various filling and discharge options as required by the business.



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