All you need to know about Conductive Bags


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Date: 05 Jan, 2023

All you need to know about Conductive Bags

Conductive Jumbo Bags have become quite a popular choice among certain businesses; the reason being their ability to dissipate any electrostatic charges that might have generated inside the FIBC.

These are basically Type C Bags that are manufactured using conductive fabrics along with interwoven conductive yarns.

Because of their conductive properties, this particular type of Jumbo Bags is extremely popular for the storage and transportation of flammable/combustible/hazardous materials and products.

When Should You Use Conductive Jumbo Bags?

One important thing to note is that Conductive Jumbo Bags must be grounded especially during filling and discharge processes. Here's why.

What Are The Uses of Conductive Jumbo Bags?



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