What to know before customizing your Bulk Bag?


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Date: 19 Apr, 2022

Knowing before cusomizing FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

When it comes to Bulk Bags and finding the right fit, one has to look at all possible options. If your FIBC is not well-suited to your product, then it might not just cause damage to your product but can also potentially become a safety hazard.

Customization is therefore important so one can ensure that the bulk bag is the right match for your business. The reasons for customization vary depending upon businesses and the material that needs to stored/handled/transported. Some products can require a higher capacity, some material might need a certain discharge type, or maybe the business/brand is associated with a specific colour; while the reasons are aplenty, here are a few questions you must have the answers to before finalizing the type of bulk bag for your business.

It is important to note that the type of product determines the type of the bulk bag. For regular products, businesses can resort to standard FIBCs. However, for more sensitive materials, customization might be essential.

Does the bag need baffles?

In case of products that require additional support, baffles are strongly recommended. These extra layers of fabric are sewn into the corners of the bag and these baffles act as reinforcement also helping retain the shape of the bulk bag even after it’s completely filled. As a result, baffles also help save up on storage space.

Whether the material is feed grade/food grade?

For food or food related products, FIBC needs to be certified as safe to use. Also take into consideration that feed grade bags are different from food grade bags. So know your product well, and consult with your supplier before finalizing the type of bulk bag you want to order.

Do you want your FIBC to be of a specific colour?

Standard FIBCs are usually manufactured in white colour. However, bulk bags can be custom ordered in a range of colours. This is not necessarily a branding activity but is done to indicate whether or not a bag contains any specific kind of material or a hazardous material. Coloured bags can be distinguished easily making the storage and handling process more seamless.

Does your bulk bag require any printed labels?

If you decide not to colour the whole bag, you can also opt for labelling the bags. These printed labels help identify the type of product within the bulk bag and can also have instructions about the storage and transportation details.

What kind of spout or bottom do you need in your FIBC?

This kind of customization comes in use if your business uses very specific or specialized machinery. In such cases you can tailor-make the spout-top and bottom of the bulk bag to ensure that the bags are safely handled by your machinery.



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