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Date: 06 Nov, 2021

Options of Discharging FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

Bulk Bags, or FIBC or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers bags, as they are technically called, are made from a flexible woven material known as polypropylene. These bags are extremely sturdy and capable of accommodating 500 kilos to 2000 kilos of weight depending upon their weight bearing capacity.

There are even more things about these bulk bags that will amuse you. For instance, you will be surprised to know that there are different bulk bag discharge types, each of which come with their distinctive feature and corresponding applications.

Read ahead to know about some of the varieties of discharge bags in particular in FIBC industry:

Plain bottom FIBC

This is a popular variety of FIBC or bulk bag which comes with a flat bottom. They are immensely spacious, but cannot be reused. The reason is, the bottom has to be cut open when they have to be emptied.

Discharge spout bulk bag

This bulk bag is almost similar to the plain discharge bag. However, you can consider it as an upgraded version because it is usable. It comes with a spout that is attached at the bottom of the bag which is used as a vent for unloading goods from the bag. Even more appreciable feature of this variety of discharge bags is that the dimension of this spout can be customised according to need.

Conical discharge spout FIBC

The next variety of discharge bags is the one that comes conical spout. The distinctiveness of this bag lies in the design of its bottom which expands during discharge and the goods come out of the spout. The design of this bag has been done in this specialised manner to ensure that all the contents of the bag get properly emptied. But the major drawback of this bag lies in this design itself. The contents of the bag often get accumulated at one side instead of getting completely evacuated.

Discharge spout FIBC with flap

This is again a further upgraded version of the FIBC bag that comes with the spout. But this type of discharge bag comes with a flap that covers the spout. This flap covers the spout from moisture or dust so that the goods packed inside the bag remain free from all sorts of contamination. This flap is made from a heavy fabric that is stitched to one side of the bottom of the bag and the other end is left open. This end is firmly wrapped onto the spout with a band to avoid seepage of goods packed inside the bag.

Duffle bottom discharge bag

The duffle bottom discharge bag is perhaps the best alternative for a conical discharge spout bag because it has a wide opening at the bottom through which goods packed inside it are discharged. To be more precise, the entire bottom of this bag opens to release whatever has been stored inside. This type of discharge bag is most appropriate for storing bulk materials that cannot flow readily and smoothly.



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