Is Polypropylene Really Water-Resistant?


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Date: 28 Jan, 2023

All you need to know about Conductive Bags

Virgin polypropylene is the raw material that is used to manufacture Jumbo Bags. Therefore, for businesses that often use Jumbo Bags for their storage and transportation needs, it is extremely important to understand how polypropylene works since this will help businesses pick the best FIBC that is perfectly suited to their industry and matches their product requirements.

Now coming to the main question, is Polypropylene waterproof?

The answer is YES! The reason: the molecules of polypropylene are so close to each other that water doesn't find any passage between them. If water is poured on Polypropylene, then it will end up forming bubbles and roll off the surface, if not easily wiped off.

What type of a polymer is it?

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer. What are the other characteristics of Polypropylene? Is Polypropylene always waterproof?

The structure of Polypropylene inherently resists water. But in case of products like Jumbo Bags, water can find a passage through any openings or gaps. It is therefore essential to tie/close the top and bottom spouts of Jumbo Bags after filling is complete.

How long do the qualities of Polypropylene last?



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