4 Mistakes you are making in FIBC Bags usage


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Date: 22 Jul, 2021

Are you using your FIBC properly?

An FIBC bag of poor quality is disadvantageous for the customer’s product and also affects the reputation of the manufacturer. A faulty bulk bag can also be hazardous at the workplace and poses safety risks for workers who are handling and transporting the goods.

Let’s take a closer look at what are some of the common mistakes made in FIBC handling:

1.Incorrect/ Unsuitable Bag Sizes

For the workers to load and empty the bags with high-efficiency, the bulk bags have to be the right size. It helps to work closely with an FIBC manufacturer that can tell you the right size for your goods and products. Also take notes on how the filled bags can be appropriately weighed, where they can be used, the bulk density of the product and other queries that will help you optimize the usage of your FIBC.

2.Disposing Reusable Bags

FIBC bags are eco-friendly and recyclable so there is no need to discard them. These bags are made with virgin polypropylene resin and can therefore be ground down and returned to their original resin form. The recycled material can be used for a variety of things like auto parts, brushes, brooms and trays. Always seek advice regarding nearby recycling companies before discarding your FIBC bags.

3.Reusing Bags For The Wrong Goods

Although recycling is something we promote when it comes to FIBC bags, it is essential to note that the reuse of these bulk bags must be done very carefully. These bags are not meant to be reused in case of food or chemical products. The reason being the risk of contamination. This is not applicable for all products and in case of reuse, the Safety Factor (SF) must also be taken into consideration. However, in case of products like sugar, salt, pet food or pharmaceuticals, it is recommended to avoid reuse of bulk bags.

4.Not Paying Attention to Manufacturer’s Instructions

FIBC manufacturers always provide a list of guidelines regarding bag usage. This is for the client’s benefit since these instructions are meant to optimize the utilization of the bulk bags. It is vital to follow these guidelines and instructions in order to use the FIBC bags efficiently and to avoid any unnecessary damage to the bags.

Always keep in mind that FIBC Bags generate the best results when used efficiently. Get the right set of guidelines from your manufacturer and make the most of your FIBC.



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