Why are Liner Bags the preferred choice for the shipping industry?


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Date: 04 Sep, 2021

Liner FIBC Big Bags | Jumbo Bags the choice for the shipping industry?

Transportation of goods is among some of the core operational processes of the shipping industry. Every year the shipping industry has to transport a million tonnes of merchandise on average. Among these are liquid merchandise, agricultural products, chemicals, both perishable and non-perishable foodstuff, livestock, gaseous products, and lots more.

Therefore, the shipping industry has to remain especially careful when they have to make bulk transportations. They have to select specific containers, bags and other transportation materials for transporting materials.

One such transportation material that is predominantly used in the shipping industry is Liner Bag. Here are the reasons behind its use:

• High efficiency

The efficiency of the transportation material is the first criterion that is given importance while selecting it. Thus, even in the case of the liner bag, this reason dominates. The liner bags are known for their efficiency.

These Liner bags can be loaded and unloaded during transportation. These bags can even be lifted with machines such as conveyer belt or belt thrower, or anything like that without the fear of any sort of damage to the liner bags or the materials packed inside them.

Since the fear of any sort of damage on liner bags while loading and unloading them do not exist, the time taken for these processes is comparatively very little as well.

• Highly pocket friendly

Apart from being extremely durable and efficient, these liner bags are also pocket friendly.

When liner bags are chosen for packaging, there is no need to spend additional money on buying bulk bags or sacs. Secondly, even, purchase of any additional pallets for securing the packages is also unnecessary when liner bags are chosen.

Thirdly, the unit price of these liner bags is also quite economical.

All these aspects make the liner bag a highly cost effective packaging solution for the shipping industry.

• Best return on investment

While the liner bags are already quite cheaper, there are few other aspects too that gives the shipping company high returns on the investments that they make.

To be precise on this, these liner bags can be stored both vertically and horizontally. They can also be stacked over each other without the fear of any sort of damage to the bag

These bags are puncture resistant too and can ensure that they will not get ruptured during processes of transportation, storage, loading and unloading.

Next, the construction of these liner bags is done so carefullythatthey can keep the cargo inside them safe during lading unlading, transportation and shipping.

• Immune agaist contamination

Contaminants are menaces for cargo inside the packages that are selected for transportation. But the fear of contamination does not exist in case of liner bags

They are immune to any sort of pest attack. These bags offer the security of the cargo inside them against water damage, dust particles or chemical reactions. These features have made FDA declare these liner bags are safe for carrying food products and agro products too.



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