Bulk Bag Container Liners - What you need to know


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Date: 05 Oct, 2021

FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags Container Liners

Bulk bags have become indispensable for businesses where goods have to be stored and transported. These bags edge over the low performing packaging materials because they are made from polypropylene fibres which ensure that there will not be any sort of damage or deterioration of the goods packed inside them. Moreover, these FIBC bags or bulk bags, as they are popularly known, are capable of carrying a great assortment of goods, which may range from chemicals to agricultural products to liquids due to their product-specific construction.

If you are into a business where your core product is dry in nature which is vulnerable to moisture related damage then FIBC bags with container liners are highly recommended for you. Now you might have lots of questions regarding these bulk bag container liners.

So, here is some information that will be helpful. Scroll down to read and understand why container liners can prove indispensable for you.

• What bulk bag container liners are

Bulk bag container liners are specialised liners that are fused in the interiors of these FIBC bags for making them immune against environmental dampness. In nutshell, these create a safe barrier between the interior walls of the liners of these bags which are prone to dampness and the products that are stored inside them. As a result, a safe and protective environment is created inside these bags. Hence, the products stored inside these bags remain dry and undamaged.

• How the liners keep the goods safe inside the bulk bags

These container liners are manufactured using special techniques. These liners are laminated with products such as polyethylene or polypropylene which make them resistant to water. Since the liners prevent seepage of moisture inside these bulk bags, chances of contamination of the goods stored inside these bulk bags can also be ruled out.

• Which products are ideally suited for Bulk Bag Container Liners

As already informed, these Bulk Bag Container Liners are best suited for products that must be kept dry and free from any sort of contamination. Therefore, some products which fall under this category are dry food stuffs, chemicals, dry construction products such as cement and sand, powdered substances, sugar, resins, pigments and minerals. However, these liners are also needed in bulk bags that carry liquids that must not come into contact with water. So, these Bulk Bag Container Liners are also used for carrying liquid fertilizers and pesticides, liquid chemicals, petrochemical products, and similar other goods.

• Can these container liners be installed inside bulk bags or do they come as a built-in feature?

Usually, the FIBC bag manufacturers supply you with bulk bags that are made to order and come with in-built container liners. However, you can even install these liners if such a need arises. As these liners come in ready to use format so it takes hardly ten minutes to install them inside FIBC bags



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