FIBC Bags for Wood

Wood Bags

There are certain specialized goods that need to get adequately air dried before they are delivered to the customers. Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL) ideally complements this need by means of a breakthrough product - Wood Bags / FIBC bags.

The best thing about these bags is that once goods are stacked inside them they automatically get air dried by the time they reach the end users. So, there is absolutely no need of repackaging goods at any point of time and no additional cost involvement in repacking as well. It has to be admitted that this immensely beneficial aspect of Wood Bags / FIBC bag adds to its competitive advantage.

The credit of this special attribute goes to the specialised construction and material selection of the bags. Thus, polypropylene forms the base material for its sturdiness and ease of maintenance. In case of construction, Virgo Polymers has specifically ensured that net is used for the panel on two sides of the bags. In the other two sides, scientific and well researched ventilated construction has been made in the form of 26 stripes of alternating solid and ventilated patches.

While the square shape of these bags adds to their storage capacity, the loops provided at the bottom of the miraculous packaging baggage make it easier to empty them after reaching the destination.

They are normally priced between 4$to 7$

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