Corner Loop FIBC Bags

Corner Loop Bulk Bags

Corner Loop FIBC bags happen to be the most widely chosen solution when it comes to the selection of bulk packaging baggage. Thus, Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL) has created a special identity in FIBC industry with the production of this unique packaging bag that guarantees better stability and improved stacking option for bulk goods.

In order to make packaging solution attuned to customer requirements, Virgo Polymers has worked dedicatedly for improvising Corner Loop bags further. Hence, the company has come up with innovative designs in these Corner Loop FIBC bags in the form of U+2 Design or U-Panel Jumbo Bags and U-Panel Bags or 5 Panel constructions so that customers can get packaging solutions that are precisely tailored as per their needs.

The driving factors that add to the competitive edge of the Corner Loop Bag are its tenacity and good load distribution mechanism. These have been made possible by Virgo Polymers by means of specialized construction that feature four corner loops in four corners of the bag. These loops have been affixed with the main body of the bag with either over lock stitch, or chain stitch or combination of both as per the requirement. The firmness rendered by the long seams at the edges of the bag also contributes towards its competitive advantage.

They are normally priced between 4$to 7$

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