Tunnel Lift FIBC Bags

Tunnel Lift Bags

When it comes to selection of packaging bags for the building and construction industry, Tunnel Lift FIBC bag happens to be the numero uno choice. However, the functional excellence of these bags has generated an equally appreciable demand for them in other industries as well. Thus, it can be concluded without a second thought that these Tunnel Lift FIBC bags are hot selling item of Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL).

Virgo Polymers passes through a number of quality checking procedures in order to ensure that these Tunnel Lift bags fulfill the packaging requirements of its customers. So, special attention is given on the constructional details of these bags. Hence, besides the basic side tunnels, an additional layer of two side tunnels on two sides are incorporated so that they remain sturdy during the processes of filling, stacking and transporting of goods. Secondly, the width of these bags is made in such a manner that they easily allow fork-lift tines to pass through, thereby making process such as lifting of bags, and filling and discharging goods when required much convenient.

An appreciable attribute of these Tunnel lift FIBCs is that filled bags can be shipped on pallets. This feature makes them weather-proof simultaneous with helping in economizing on the cost of pallets.

They are normally priced between 4$to 7$

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