Ventilated FIBC Bags

Ventilated Bags

Perishable items need proper ventilation in order to stay fresh for hours. Thus, during storage and transportation of bulk quantities of perishable goods, special attention should be given towards the packaging material of the baggage in order to avoid massive damage of goods. This need has been clearly understood by Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL), the outcome of which is the ventilated bag.

Virgo Polymers has paid special attention towards the process of fabric selection of these bags in order to ensure that there is enough breathability inside these perishable item packaging bags. Therefore, while polypropylene has been chosen for its durability and cost effectiveness, woven, mesh as well as a combination of both has been selected as constructional feature of Ventilated bags. Here it needs mentioning that these specific types of construction allow easy circulation of air through the baggage material. As a result, the goods kept inside remain fresh.

Another essential aspect of the construction of these bags that add to their aesthetics as well is the alternate layers of solid and loose patches that run throughout the length of the bag. This feature makes the bags even more ventilated as compared to what run of the mill manufacturers sell in the name of ventilated bags. Thus, Virgo Polymers takes pride in declaring that many customers from the agricultural industry consider these bags indispensible for storing, stacking and transporting readily consumable products such as vegetables and fruits.

They are normally priced between 4$to 7$

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