Cross Corner FIBC Bags

Cross Corner FIBC Bags

Virgo Polymer (India) Ltd. (VPIL) brings an innovative packaging solution for fine materials in the form of Cross Corner FIBC Bags. These bulk bags are specially designed in order to offer dust proof bulk packaging solution. Yet another attribute of these bags that add to their competitive advantage is the sturdiness that they offer to packages by virtue of their circular women tubular fabric. It can be rest assured that these Cross Corner FIBC bags are the ultimate choice for packing and transporting fine materials.

It needs mentioning that Virgo Polymers has worked painstakingly in order to produce a packaging solution that can assure safety and security to materials kept inside it. Thus, to make this project come true, VPIL has given preliminary focus on the weave and fabric selection of these Cross Corner bags. So, circular woven tubular fabric has been exclusively chosen for its strength. Moreover, the bags do not have any side seam. The intention behind this specific construction is to make it certain that the bags can withstand drop test and high vertical pressure.

The next area of focus had been the construction of these bags. Virgo Polymers has ensured that these bags would have loops that would go across the corners. These loops have further been stitched to the body of the bags with lock stitch. Special consideration has been given towards the selection of the fabric in the loop stitching area as well. Thus, double wrap tapes with inter-woven reinforcements have been chosen for the purpose. Through this, Virgo Polymer has made it certain that the bags would have enough strength in the lifting region and would be immune against accidental tearing.

Equal attention has been given to the belts of these Cross Corner fibc bags. They have been made stiff so that they can stand erect over these bags. This mechanism ensures that the fork lift driver can conveniently enter the tines through these loops and lift the bag without the need of any additional help.

They are normally priced between 4$to 7$

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