Baffle Bags | Form Shaped Bags

Baffle Bags / Form Shaped Bags

VPIL Baffle Bags or Form Shaped Bags (known as Quad Bag too) is a revolutionary product in FIBC (Jumbo Bags, Big Bags, Bulk Sacks) Industry. The major USP of this bag is that it is functionally as well as aesthetically excellent. It provides the most cost effective solution to bulk packaging.

The user friendly design of baffle bag also provides users utmost convenience during process of transportation and storage of bulk materials. In addition, the construction of the bag helps in enhancing the quality of bulk packaging which in turn helps in secured stacking of the materials as a result.

Tightly woven design, higher cost-effectiveness and more reliable and steady performance are the signature values offered by our Baffle FIBC Bags, which are the prime choice of storage and transportation for various industries like Food & Beverage, Chemicals etc.

Aesthetically, the firm construction of Baffle Bag helps it in remaining in square shape even after packing goods, which adds to the visual appeal of packages.

They are normally priced between 4$to 7$

Types of Internal Baffle in VPIL Baffle Bags

Fabric Based Baffles
Net Based Baffle Bags

Flash Points on Competitve Edges of Baffle Bags

Economical Solution to Packaging
Prevent Side Bulging of packages
Convenient transportation and storage
Provides stability to packaging, enabling safer stacking
Impressive Aesthetic Appeal

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