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Date: 05 Jan, 2021

A Long life comes from Correct Storage of FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

FIBC Bags are perfect to optimize storage space and reduce spillage. These flexible bags are easy to fill, load into trucks, and transport. Their unique design makes them safer and economical compared to other types of shipping methods.

But to make these already efficient bags even more efficient, one needs to pay attention to the way they are stored. Store them right, they will serve you longer, as well as more safely and reliably.

Storing empty FIBCs/big bags

  1. Always check bags for any damage before storing them away. Damaged bags must be disposed of, and not repaired, in order to avoid safety risks.

  2. You can prolong the life of your big bags by storing them safely. Keep bags out of sunlight as too much exposure can weaken the strength of the fibers, which can lead to bags rupturing.

  3. Keep bags clear of moisture, which can cause mold and mildew to accumulate in the fabric. A good move would be to lay them out to air before storing.

  4. Store bags in a facility free of contaminants as well as sharp objects to ensure that your FIBCs are free from physical damage and degradation. Keep the bags covered, in an enclosed spot to keep dirt and dust away.

  5. Empty bags are usually packed on pallets.

Storing filled FIBCs/big bags

  1. When it comes to stacking the bags in an open area, it is recommended to use the Pyramid Stacking Method. A pyramid is created by stacking each bag above the first layer so it is in contact with four adjacent bags in the layer below. Another is the supported stack method, where bags are stacked against two retaining walls.

  2. Keep filled bags on pallets that are large enough so there are no overhanging areas. Without proper support underneath, you risk dumping over the bags. Also ensure the pallets are free from nails or protrusions.

  3. Do not store filled bags outside. If you do not have an option, cover them with some type of material that will prevent exposure to UV rays and inclement weather.

  4. Static electricity can also build up when bulk bags rub against each other during storage or transport. You may need a grounding connection to dissipate this electricity.

  5. Flammable powders are susceptible to spontaneous combustion when left in a hot area. So, when storing, keep FIBC bags out of direct sunlight and away from other sources of heat.

  6. Make sure the bags have enough air flow around them and the store room has good ventilation.

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