Controlling pest problems while using FIBC Bags


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Date: 05 Jan, 2022

Controlling pest problems in usage of FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

If a pest infestation takes place in a storage facility, it can affect stacks and stacks of products packed and stored in there. It can become a matter of grave concern if the product in question is of foodgrade. In case of such an incident, the damage caused may result in huge losses.

In case of an extensive storage facility, pest infestation problems become difficult to handle. And an infection can occur even in sealed containers which can cause severe damage to not just the product, but also the bulk bag.

Following are some expert tips that will help prevent any kind of pest infestation and will protect your product and your FIBC.

Don’t let your storage unit become a breeding place for insects

Pests are often attracted to places that are dark and damp. Therefore, they create their nests in any gaps that they find in between stacked bulk bags. The solution is to neatly pile up the bulk bags creating a single column leaving no space for insects to hide or breed.

Avoid storing your FIBCs outdoors

If the product requires long-term storage, it is recommended to store in a cool & dry place, preferably indoors. When left in the open for long, bulk bags become prone to insect infestations.

Ensure proper stacking

If bulk bags are not stacked properly, there is a chance of them toppling over which will cause products to spill thereby attracting insects.

Seal the bulk bags carefully

Once the filling process is done, ensure that the bag is sealed properly so the products within can be protected from any infestation or contamination.

Use container liners to keep out rodents

Container liners add an extra layer of protection and it is advised to get liners fitted if the product and bag are at risk of infestation.

Apart from the aforementioned, some manufacturers also recommend using chemical additives depending on the product type. Based on the product category, one can also opt for pest control application to eliminate the threat of any infestation.



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