What makes FIBC the most cost-effective option for bulk transport?


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Date: 14 Mar, 2022

FIBC Big Bags | Jumbo Bags the economic option for bulk transport?

FIBC or bulk bags are often considered a revolutionary storage and transportation option for businesses that regularly need to store and transport cargo inclusive of different types of materials like dry products, wet materials, hazardous and non-hazardous products, etc.

Bulk bags are not only an environmentally friendly option for such storage and transport needs, they are also more efficient than conventional sacks and bags and, are capable of decreasing shipping costs.

Let us look at the different ways in which Bulk Bags help reduce shipping costs.

Transport Costs

Contrary to additional options available in the market for bulk packaging, there is no need for the use of pellets when it comes to Bulk Bags. This helps eliminate the need for expensive secondary packaging. Such kind of secondary packaging not only adds some weight to the packaging but also consumes extra space ultimately leading to high shipping costs.

Why FIBCs are a better option is because they are extremely durable eliminating the need for protective packaging in most cases.


Lower Dead Weight

Dead weight is the weight of the container being used to store and transport the materials. This also involves additional cost depending on the weight of the container; the heavier it is, the more will be the shipping expense.

FIBC bags are often lightweight while being able to carry either equal the amount of other traditional packaging options, and sometimes even more. So Bulk Bags don’t only help cut down the dead weight cost but also end up shipping more material thereby being the most cost-effective option.

Weight Carrying Capacity

Depending on the Safe Working Load (SWL), FIBCs can safely carry thousands of kgs of material without the need of any protective layers of packaging. This comes as an additional benefit to being lightweight and durable as far as cost saving is concerned.

Storage Costs

Warehouse spaces come at a considerable cost and Bulk Bags are the most cost-effective options when it comes to optimizing the usage of warehouse space. If unused, these bags can be folded into smaller sizes, and on the other hand, filled bags can be easily stacked upon one another thereby utilizing the space in the best possible way while minimizing the costs.



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