Storing Bulk Bags outside? Here's how to do it safely


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Date: 10 Sep, 2021

Outside Storage doing it Correctly of FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

Storing bulk bags is often a challenge when you decide to keep them outdoors. The outer material composition might often give you the impression that it is not weather friendly.

If you have relied on a bulk bag supplier who is not trustworthy, there are chances that your bulk bags will be vulnerable to damages when you leave them outdoors. But when your supplier is reliable, you can be assured that they must have used some kind of inner lining so that your goods remain safe.

But you must simultaneously know what can happen when you keep your bulk bag outdoors. Here’s what you need to know:

• UV Radiations

The UV radiations of the sun are not very friendly for the bulk bags. The first harsh effect that you will notice of these strong rays has faded the colour of the bag.

The second problem that one might overlook is the affect on its functionality. The UV rays of sun will gradually disintegrate the chemical bonds in polypropylene and negatively affect the structural integrity of the fabric with which the bulk bag is made. Eventually, the longevity and durability of the bag will get affected. As a result, it may fall apart unexpectedly.

• Changes in Climatic Conditions

Not only the UV rays of the sun but the functional and aesthetic appeal of the bulk bag will also get affected by other natural forces too.

For instance, if you keep your bulk bag exposed to rainfall or snowfall on a regular basis then the material of the bag will gradually rot and tear. However, at the initial level, the problem that you will see is colour bleeding from your bulk bag.

Most precisely, it is strongly recommended that you must not keep the bulk bag in an area that is above 21 degrees Celsius/70 degrees Fahrenheit or rains profusely on a daily basis.

• Moisture

Do remember that the moisture and dampness are as harmful as rains or snow.

Even though moisture might not have a negative effect on your bulk bag, over the time, the dampness can seep inside the bag and deteriorate the quality of the materials kept inside it.

• Fire attack

Fire is an equally damaging factor for bulk bags. If you keep these bags in an area that experiences the blazing heat of fire then it may melt the fabric. It need not be explained any further that an area where there is direct fire exposure is absolutely not recommended for bulk bags.

However, some bulk bags come with fire retarding and are not affected by the heat.

These are some integral factors in the external environment of your storage area that may affect the quality, functionality and durability of your bulk bag. However, if you do not have any option other than outdoor storage then cover your bulk bags with a protective sheath that will keep them protected against UV rays and moisture as much as possible.



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