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Date: 05 May, 2021

Everyone Benefits from FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

FIBCs have been used for decades and although small innovations keep happening, the basic structure of a bulk bag has not changed over many years. This is owed to the fact that these bags prove to be efficient in every sense of the term, across industries.

Here, we will be discussing different ways in which a range of industries have benefited from using bulk bags for storage and transportation.

Mining, Chemical and Agriculture Industries

For the products in mining, chemical and agriculture that come in a powdered form and need storage and/or transportation, FIBCs prove to be a great way of ensuring that the powders don’t leak or blow away. The different features of bulk bags like sift proof seams, bulk bag liners and closable spouts all are designed to keep the powders secure as they are stored or carried.

Petroleum Industry

Petroleum in its different forms can be highly flammable and can pose major risks while trying to carry or store it. The static produced by these products needs to be contained in order to make them safe for transportation. This is where the anti-static qualities for Type C and Type D bulk bags come in. They contain the static, making for a stable and safe environment for petroleum products to be transferred between destinations.

Construction and Related Industries

The construction industry usually uses heavy-duty products that need reinforced and sturdy material bags for the transfer of materials like paints, metals, minerals and chemicals. If you were to transfer them in flimsy materials like lighter plastics, there is a good chance that they would rip or tear causing spillage. It can result in the total disintegration of the bag or contamination of the materials stored inside. This is where heavy-duty bulk bags come into the picture and when they are reinforced and certified by a third party, you can trust your heavy-duty materials in these.

Food Industry

Although there is no direct food grading in the FIBC industry you can ensure the safety of your edible materials by choosing bulk bags that follow all the guidelines that make them fit for storing and transporting food. By using FIBCs, the food industry is able to store and transfer their products while avoiding contamination and keeping the costs of transfer low.

Pharmaceutical Industry

FIBCs are routinely used by the pharmaceutical industry since good quality bulk bags are able to meet the stringent safety codes that are required by the pharma industry. Many of the times, the restrictions on transferring medicines and other medical materials are much stricter than even the food industry. However, bulk bags are able to meet the high standards required and that too under a budget, helping keep the prices of necessary drugs and medicine under check.

Apart from the ones listed here, there are several other industries that use bulk bags because of their flexible usage, low costs, lightweight build and many other qualities. If you too are a business that deals with raw materials, the right quality bulk bags can help you elevate your business in a significant manner! Talk to Virgo Polymer - the FIBC experts - for more information today!



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