The Impact of Bulk Bags on the Landscaping Industry


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Date: 07 Feb, 2022

Landscaping Industry and FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags

In the landscaping industry, businesses use a lot of materials which include wood chips, compost, decorative rocks, mulch, topsoil and the likes. For such businesses, it is essential to store such products in bulk while mitigating the risk of products getting mixed up or spillage from the sacks bursting open. Another hassle that such businesses face is product delivery. It is indeed a task to deliver the materials in impeccable condition if the sacks are not secured properly.

In FIBCs, one finds the perfect solution to landscaping material handling. These sturdy packaging options come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit the business’s needs. Be it irregularly shaped material like wood chips, or a wet product like compost, bulk bags offer a range of solutions, all suited to your needs.

Listed below are a few pointers that describe how bulk bags are beneficial to landscaping businesses.

The strength and sturdiness of bulk bags comes from the interwoven strands of polypropylene which allows rough handling of these bags without any rips and tears. However, one must always note the Safe Working Load (SWL) of bulk bags to be able to load heavy weight without any safety hazards.

Seamless Organization
Heaping up landscaping material in your storage or in the client’s space not only looks untidy but can also lead to mixing up of materials. Additionally, sharp objects like wood chips risk hampering traditional packaging like normal bags and sacks. FIBCs on the other hand help secure the materials better. You can label the bags for product segregation purposes and can also use different types of bags for different types of products ensuring the products are delivered safely without any damage.

Environmentally Conscious
Needless to say, the landscaping industry strives to be environmentally conscious. In accordance with environment-friendly norms, it is strongly recommended that the businesses use FIBCs which can be reused and recycled thereby helping businesses meet their sustainability objective.

Bulk bags are known for their stacking convenience which not only cuts down on the storage space and cost of the same but also reduces the overall transportation cost. Taking into consideration the Safety Factor of the bags, bulk bags can also be reused.

Aforementioned are the various factors that make bulk bags the most beneficial choice for landscaping businesses.



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