FIBCs offer the vented bag advantage for the transport of wood


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Date: 08 Apr, 2021

FIBC Bulk Bags | Jumbo Bags The Vented Advantage for Wooden Industry

Reusable, recyclable, contamination-free packaging solutions… that’s what the market calls for today and flexible intermediate bulk containers or bulk bags are the way to go. FIBCs meet the demands of producers who require their cargo to arrive undamaged at the destination, whether domestic or international.

Now, while FIBCs have a multitude of uses across a wide variety of industries, there are specialty bags created to fit unique product requirements and applications. Like in the case of transportation of wood, which requires what is known as a ‘vented’ bag.

First, what is a vented bag?

While a vented bulk bag is constructed almost identically to a standard FIBC, the difference lies in that the vented FIBC has thin strips running along all four sides of it. Instead of the standard woven polypropylene, these strips have single strands of fabric running horizontally to allow air to flow freely into the bag. In all other aspects, vented bags have the same general construction options (spout, duffle, colour options, and so on).

In terms of construction, Virgo Polymer uses net for the panel on two sides of the bags. On the other two sides, there are 26 strips of alternating solid and ventilated patches to ensure optimum airflow.

What makes a vented bag perfect for the transportation of wood?

Chopped wooden products, wood pellets, and a number of other related wood products require a vented FIBC, so they can be conveniently packed and safely transported.

When firewood is chopped or collected, often there is moisture present in the wood. Before storing or transporting firewood, it needs to dry out and stay dry as moist firewood does not burn well and sometimes not at all.

Vented bags facilitate something known as ‘firewood seasoning’, which is the process of taking freshly cut wood and storing it in a dry environment to allow the wood to breathe and the moisture to evaporate over time.

Vented bulk bags are therefore a great fit as they remove the necessity to use multiple storage and transportation vessels. Vented bags allow the outside air to dry the wood after it is collected and stay dry during storage.

Once the firewood is stacked inside these bags, they automatically get air-dried by the time they reach the end-users. So, there is no need of repackaging goods at any point in time, which results in significant cost savings.

Apart from wood, vented bags are also used to store and move potatoes as they need to be stored with plenty of airflow in order to prevent them from sprouting or molding.



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