Why are FIBCs gaining popularity when it comes to agricultural storage?


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Date: 27 Sep, 2022

Why are FIBCs gaining popularity when it comes to agricultural storage?

FIBCs are the preferred choice when it comes to seed & grain storage. But what makes them the perfect solution for storing agricultural produce? Let’s find out.

When it comes to agricultural products like seeds, and grains, they require a dry and moisture-free environment which will help retain their freshness for a longer duration. The conventional choice used to be jute gunny bags but they were not always convenient. The industry even experimented with other storage options like metal and plastic containers. However, it was discovered that bulk bags provide the most ease of convenience and come with all the features that are needed for safe storage of seeds and grains.


FIBCs come with a feature wherein the filled bags can be sealed. This helps protect the contents of the bags from moisture preventing any mould formation. This particular feature increases the longevity of the materials while keeping them safe from any external moisture.


Seeds and grains are the kind of products that are at constant risk of pest infestation. Once affected, the entire lot stands at risk of contamination rendering it useless. This risk can be mitigated with the use of FIBCs. Since these bags are made using woven polypropylene, it is harder for insects to infiltrate the sturdy exterior.


FIBCs don’t just ensure safe storage of products; they also ensure that the contents of the bag are transported in an intact condition, and that the process is hassle-free. Right from the packing and filling, to the transport, and the unloading, FIBC bags come with suitable features that allow ease of processes throughout. Agriculturists can also customize the inlet and outlet of the bag as per their requirement to avoid any possible hazard.


FIBCs are structurally superior to other traditional storage containers when it comes to storage. Bulk bags can easily be stacked and stored without occupying much space. Even after they are filled with seeds and grains, they can still be stacked up neatly, given their forms thereby occupying minimum space in the storage unit.

In addition to all of the above mentioned features, bulk bags or FIBCs are also a highly economical choice. Since they provide a cost-effective, hassle-free solution, these bags are becoming more and more popular in not just the agricultural industry, but also among other businesses.



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