Food-Grade FIBCs


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Date: 15 Dec, 2022

Food-Grade FIBCs

What you need to know

Before you decide the type of FIBC or Jumbo Bag you need, you must understand the requirements of the product. Based on the type of product that your business deals with, the type of FIBC will also vary.

This is most essential when it comes to products that can be easily contaminated or hampered during transport or storage by external factors like the weather and environmental conditions. And food-grade products fall under such categories.

What distinguishes Food-Grade Jumbo Bags from normal ones?

1. Materials Used - Made using 100% virgin polypropylene resin which helps mitigate the risk of contamination. The manufacturing material satisfactorily meets all parameters needed for any contact for food or food-based goods.

2. Manufacturing Unit - These FIBCs are produced in certified units that have hygienic environments and are kept tidy to ensure the product is not hampered in any way. The manufacturing facilities go through strict inspection and rigorous maintenance to ensure proper hygiene.

3. Quality Testing & Tracking - Every food-grade bag manufactured has to go through stages of quality testing processes, and each step of the production process is monitored right from the sourcing of raw materials to the delivery of the Jumbo Bags.

What are the qualities you must look for in a food-grade FIBC?

1. Required Certifications - Certifications ensure product quality, and hygiene standards.

2. Storage Capabilities - Always stay informed and aware about the FIBC's storage capacity. Make note of the SWL (Safe Working Load) and SF (Safety Factor) to ensure products aren't damaged due to overloading.

3. Design Flexibility - Your Jumbo Bag manufacturer must provide scope for customization since every food-grade product has very specific requirements and those parameters must be met when designing the FIBC.



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