Refurbishing FIBCs : Making the environmentally conscious choice


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Date: 26 Aug, 2022

The environmentally conscious choice - FIBC | Jumbo Bags | Big Bags

Have you ever wondered if your business is being kind to the environment? We can assure you that businesses that have switched to FIBC for their packaging needs are making their contribution and doing their bit towards creating greener tomorrows.

Read on to find out how the FIBC industry is contributing towards a greener, sustainable future.

The Eco-Friendly Choice

You might have been living with the notion that traditional bulk containers that are made from natural products that are sustainable. But have you ever given in thought that these bags indirectly contribute to releasing carbon footprints?

Any ordinary packaging material made from natural products is transported in wagons, trucks, and trucks release carbon monoxide fumes into the air.

The bulky shape and low capacity of these ordinary bags will make you arrange for repeated turns to send the desired quantity of bulk material to its destination. This means, that these conventional bulk containers repeatedly add toxic fumes into the air.

Now if you compare this with the packaging and transportation of goods in FIBC bags, you will discover a world of difference.

FIBC bags are light in weight and much thinner compared to average quality storage bags. But if you compare the structural strength of these FIBC bags, you will be amazed at how much sturdier Bulk Bags are.

Similarly, the same dimension and size of FIBC bags offer better capacity as compared to ordinary storage bags. This means you can store more goods in these FIBC bags and remain rest assured as far as their resilience is considered.

There is one more benefit to using FIBC for your bulk packaging & transportation needs; the number of times you will hire a commute to send your goods to the destination will also get considerably reduced. So, besides saving time in transportation, you also contribute towards reducing your carbon footprint.

Environmental factors well tackled

The ordinary shipping bags and cartons used for bulk packaging and shipping are very harmful to the environment. The plastic bags emit toxic fumes at every stage of their production and disposal processes.

On the other hand, the cardboard boxes or bags made from other natural materials are simply thrown into disposal bins and left to decompose on their own. By this time, they become susceptible to contamination and become a breeding ground for germs.

FIBC bags however, rank high on the sustainability factor. They can be recycled multiple times and reused. When they cease to be fit for recycling anymore, they are repurposed.

So when you choose FIBC bags, you make the environmentally friendlier choice, thereby ensuring a greener tomorrow for the environment.



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