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Need to lift your bulk bag? Here are guidelines for safe operations

Date: 29th June 2021

How to prevent dust explosions in FIBC bags?How to prevent dust explosions in FIBC bags?

You’ve got various types of Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) and hundreds of industries in which they are used, but whatever the shape and size of these bulk bags, they all need to be handled with care, following safety precautions. Full bags are very heavy (some weighing up to 2500 kilograms!) and when not handled with care, can result in an unsafe work environment.

Here are some guidelines to follow when lifting bulk bags.

Always follow these guidelines


  • Ensure bags are free from damage because that can compromise strength.

  • Ensure the lift loops are not gathered onto one hook unless the specific FIBC is designed to do so.

  • Ensure that all lift loops/sleeves are vertical to prevent damage.

  • The bag is lifted, raised and lowered smoothly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


  • Ensure all forklift tines, crane hooks etc used for lifting are free of sharp edges because these could damage an FIBC and cause leakage.

  • The forklift needs to have a sufficiently rated weight capacity to support the filled bag.

  • Any pallets being used must be the appropriate size for the bag.

  • Ensure the forklift has been stopped and is not moving before raising or lowering the bag.


  • The forklift operator must always have a clear line of vision before moving the bag.

  • All personnel must wear proper safety gear and stay clear of any potential hazards.

  • All personnel are clear of being next to or under the forklift before lifting or lowering a bag.

Never make these mistakes

  • Never suspend an FIBC using fewer lift loops and sleeves than have been provided.

  • Never handle a damaged bag.

  • Never lift a bag with one hook unless it is specifically designed for this.

  • Never lift or move an FIBC using a sudden, jerking motion.

  • Never attempt to move an FIBC around or over an obstruction.

  • Never move a bag while it is still touching the ground.

  • Never allow a bag to come in contact with the forklift wheels.

  • Never lower or raise a bag while the forklift is moving.

  • Never exceed the lifting capacity of the crane or forklift.

  • Never allow personnel to move under a suspended bag.

  • Never attempt to move an FIBC with equipment that is not approved or designed to move an FIBC.

  • Never tilt the mast of a forklift truck forward when handling an FIBC. The distance between the forklift tines needs to be the correct width for the bag being lifted.

We hope you found the above detailed guideline for safely lifting FIBCs useful. Apart from these, ensure a safe working load, follow safe filling practices, stock and transport responsibly, store empty bags with care, and always ALWAYS prioritize safety.

Our experts here at Virgo Polymer are always at your service to guide you further about FIBC bags. For more information on what kind of bags would suit the industry you are in or guidelines on filling, emptying, lifting, and transporting, do get in touch with us!