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Conductive Bags: What makes them the preferred choice?

Date: 23rd September 2021

Conductive Bags: What makes them the preferred choice? Conductive Bags: What makes them the preferred choice?

Conductive bags have risen in popularity compared to all other types of bags when it comes to packing materials for shipping and transportation. Conductive bags are so effective that they find use in a range of industries such as agriculture, chemical, petrochemical, food, pharmaceuticals, and many more

These bags, as their name suggests, are used for transporting conductive materials that discharge electrostatic energy and make shipping bags vulnerable to combustion. These bags are considered equally essential as storage bags that are stacked in reactive environments. They fall under the category of Type C FIBC bags.

Apart from the aforementioned general information about conductive bags, one also needs to remain updated about some key benefits of these conductive bags to decide upon the specific type of FIBC bags that would meet the exact requirements.

So, here are some of the key benefits of conductive bags which make them a preferred choice in the packaging, shipping and transportation industry.

• The careful selection of materials

One of the key reasons behind the selection of conductive bags is the materials with which they are made. A good quality conductive bag must have an interwoven structure where polypropylene should be the key component.

The interwoven materials can be anything from carbon, steel or silver core thread. Basically, the function of this layer is to prevent the adverse chemical reactions inside the conductive bags when they are stuffed, packed and shipped.

Since this material selection in conductive bags is precisely done keeping in mind the commodities they contain, they are increasingly becoming popular in the FIBC industry.

• The specialised fabric construction

Conductive bags are the result of extensive research and development. The construction of the yarns in the conductive bags is also done thoughtfully.

Careful attention towards these bags will show that instead of plain weave, these conductive bags come with a grid pattern. This grid pattern is popularly known as the Faraday cage.

The special feature of this weave is that it makes the conductive bag remain connected with the ground through a grounding cable or any other type of grounding platform.

Eventually, the bag gets firmly grounded when placed on the ground, and the bag fails to create sufficient electrostatic energy that can lead to an explosion.

• The additional measures are manageable

Even though conductive bags perform outstandingly by eliminating the chances of an electrostatic explosion, accidents do occur at times.

If these bags get ungrounded for any reason while packing or transportation, they can explode because the electrostatic energy that is built inside them cannot escape. Now you may be wondering how they dominate the packaging industry as popularly chosen FIBC bags even with their chances of accidental explosion. Well, the reason is their ease of handling.

These conductive bags only need immense care and attention during handling. The person in charge of the process must ensure that the bags have achieved a positive when they are loaded or unloaded. These simple steps will eliminate the chances of any accidental explosion to a great extent.