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Baffled bags 101: Here’s why they make excellent containers

Date: 12th March 2021

A beginners guide to fibc

With a baffled FIBC, it’s all about reinforcement. While a standard bag is flexible in nature, it can lose its square shape when being filled. That won’t happen with a baffle bag. Baffles are basically extra fabric panels or pieces of string sewn into each of the bag’s four corners as reinforcement.

Types of baffle bags

There are several types of baffled bags such as Circular, U-panel and 4-panel.

  • Circular baffle bags are made with a tubular piece of fabric that forms all sides of the bag. There is stitching only at the top and bottom of the bag.

  • U-panel bags have three-body panels – one that runs the full length of the bag forming the bottom and two sides and two additional pieces of fabric that form the other two sides.

  • 4-panel baffle bags are made with four individual pieces sewn together to form a square structure.

When do you use a baffle bag?

It really depends on the product and application. Typically, baffled FIBCs are often used for finer materials in the food – flour especially -- and pharmaceutical industries. Their reinforced structure, which prevents leakage, is needed in industries where safety is paramount. Baffle bags are often used for the transportation of barley, corn, and soybean. Seeds, sand, minerals, resin, petrochemicals and chemicals are also transported in baffle bags.

A baffled bag is not recommended for large bulky materials with limited flow because these types of products will not fill out the corners of the bag. This can then lead to instability.

Three reasons to go with a baffle bag

1. They hold their square shape when filled as the baffles are stitched together. This makes them easier to stack or store side by side. While standard FIBC bags tend to get pear-shaped when filled, these baffled bags hold their cube shape. Also, the strong outer layer of the bag protects it from being punctured and causing the material to leak out.

2. They are more stable, as they hold on to their square shape when being filled. This in turn helps in secured stacking of the materials. The baffles or fabric panels on each side of the bag do not allow it to get out of shape even when full. This adds to their stability.

3. Baffle bags cut down on storage space. Not just this, transportation costs get reduced by a third as compared to using standard FIBCs bags. Since these bags retain their shape even when full, they are more compact than their counterparts. This makes them a cost-effective solution to bulk packaging..

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