Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags
Global Supplier of Premium FIBC / Big Bags


Date: 14th March 2017

VPIL has been supplying in USA, Europe and Australia with consistent customers only due to consistent performance of both delivery and quality. Also we have been Recognised by Government as One Star Export House due to our performance

At VPIL We use Only Virgin Polymers both Domestic and Imported. Mainly from Reliance and HMEL (Domestic), Sabic and Exxon Mobil (imported). Being a distributor of HMEL (Raw Material Supplier) for Southern India help us to have an edge over other manufacturers on availability for the same.

VPIL FIBC Can be customized to meet your needs (Size & Capacity, Filling & Discharging Features, Barrier Properties, Handling Features, etc.)

VPIL FIBC are known to pack powdered, solid and semi solid products (Chemical, Mineral, etc.)

VPIL FIBC are Recyclable as they are made from homogeneous polymer, Polypropylene. GO Green. Plastic is harmful when they are not recyclable but when they are recyclable they are the best thing for Nature. Saving Air Pollution, Jute packaging, Natural Resources as a lot of resources is substituted by very little plastic